Marble Care and Cleaning: Key Points to Maintain Its Shine

Marble has become an essential element in many design projects due to its natural beauty, durability, and various color and pattern options. This unique stone, shaped and polished by nature for hundreds of years, becomes a magnificent work of art when crafted by human hands. However, knowing the right care and cleaning methods is crucial to preserve the long-lasting shine of marble. In this blog post, we’ll explain the key points for caring and cleaning marble under four main headings:


Regular Cleaning and Dusting for Marble

The fundamental step to keep marble surfaces shiny is regular cleaning and dusting. It’s important to clean off accumulated dust and dirt from marble surfaces daily using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Small particles like dust and sand can scratch the surface, causing it to lose its shine. The cloth used for dusting should be slightly damp but not wet, as a wet cloth could be abrasive.

Using the Right Cleaning Products

Using the correct products for cleaning marble surfaces is also crucial. Avoid using harsh chemicals, acids, or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the natural shine of marble and cause stains on the surface. Instead, opt for pH-balanced and specially formulated natural stone cleaners designed for marble. These cleaners clean the surface while creating a protective barrier, helping to maintain its shine for an extended period.

Stain Prevention and Prompt Cleaning

Quickly cleaning up spills of liquids or food remnants on marble surfaces is essential to prevent stains and damage. To remove liquid stains, gently wipe them off immediately using a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive sponges or harsh brushes, as they can create scratches on the surfaces. Also, prevent contact of marble surfaces with acidic liquids, as acids can alter the natural structure of marble and cause stains.

Periodic Polishing and Maintenance of Marble

Periodically applying marble polish can help preserve the shine and vibrancy of marble surfaces. Marble polish assists in creating a protective layer on the surface and enhances its shine. Before applying the polish, ensure the surface is clean and dry. Using a soft cloth or microfiber cloth is suitable for applying the polish evenly. Allow the surface to dry completely after applying the polish, and then use a soft cloth for polishing.

By regularly applying these key points, you can maintain the natural beauty and shine of marble surfaces for many years to come. Proper care and cleaning methods will help retain the aesthetic and elegance of your marble surfaces throughout the years.