Orhan AYVA, who is the founder of our company attepmted to the marble area that he was inexperienced in 1986. Founding marble factory in local area, he sustained selling the marbles which were producted by marketing strategy in big cities like Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir.

He made out the need of travertine in USA and so started producting travertine immediately to market to USA and other countries. He not only mined the travertine in Karaman country which is now active, and promptly revized the factory which is located on the way of İzmir in Afyon, but also founded the factory in Denizli. Without loss of time, by founding a huge factory in Organized Industrial Zone in Afyonkarahisar, he caught a good acceleration in USA.

Orhan AYVA who is the founder of our company passed away in 29.03.2012. Than, Erdal AYVA who is his son and Hatice AYVA who is his daughter undertook the company and maintained market. On one hand we produce and sell blocks in the mine of Karaman, on the other hand we export nearlly all the countries by making semi-finished product in the factory that is located on the way ofİzmir and operating different sizes in tile line in the factory whic h is Organized Industrial Zone in Afyonkarahisar. At the same time, we adres domestic market.

About three years we have started to mine the actual silver mine. From this mine, our target is to export to the Chine and other countries and than domestic market.