Cyprus Grey Marble is a type of stone that naturally occurs and is known as marble in Konya, Turkey. It is extracted in the Meram region of Konya, which is the main production area for Cyprus Gray Marble.

Cyprus Grey Marble is a globally recognized and in-demand variety of marble. It has shades of gray and typically has a fine-grained texture. Due to its aesthetic appearance, it is used for decorative purposes in both interior and exterior spaces.

In the quarries where Cyprus Gray Marble is extracted, it is cut into large marble blocks and then processed into various products. These products include floor coverings, countertops, stair steps, wall claddings, and sculptures, among other construction materials.

Cyprus Gray Marble is in demand in local and international markets. Considered one of the natural beauties of Isparta, this marble contributes to the economy of the region and the stone industry.

Available Size

1,5 cm 2cm 3cm
30xLength 30x60 F.P. Set
30,5x61 60x60 30,5x61
40,6x61 60x120 40,6x61
61x61 61x61

Available Surface

  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled
  • Sandblasted